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Sony Ericsson X1 Review

Finally, the review of very first Sony Ericsson finger touch handset. Since Apple released it’s finger touch iPhone, it seems everyone try to develop what people call iPhone killer. Well, I don’t think we need to kill it anyway. Apple is good at user interface. And that’s it. Nothing impresive in the inside.

Anyway, back to the review. Since the first time I looked at this device (in the internet of course), I loved it and very interested to have one. Despite the Windows Mobile factor, it’s still Sony Ericsson device, and God knows how I love SE. So, I’m and will always be watching every single news about this X1.

Well, at least until some good Android-ish device is out.

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Why Use Linux?

– Myth 1: “Linux is hard to install”
– Myth 2: “Linux does not recognize my hardware”
– Myth 3: “Linux is too complicated to use”
– Myth 4: “There are no applications available”

Funny. It’s been 6 years since the first time I used linux as my daily OS, and I always found windows is lot harder to install. Not to mention the default applications that come along with the installation. What do you get from default windows installation? nothing.

Jason Dyok wrote nice article entitled Why Use Linux?
For you who still unsure about using linux, you should read it.

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Unable To Mount NTFS External Drive

Have you ever wanted to mount your external drive, but your linux box refused it? Most likely it was caused by you forgot to unplug / disconnect your external drive while you were in windows. Apparently, windows didn’t unplug / disconnect your external drive when it was turned off.

The logic way is restarting to your windows box, then unplug / disconnect your external drive. But it sucks. Why would we need to go to windows? The right way is using ntfsfix.


So, if your external drive is in /dev/sdb1, it would be,

ntfsfix /dev/hdb1
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