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Waiting for The Next Internet Buzz in Indonesia

So, despite the low penetration of internet in Indonesia, apparently its internet “society” is keep growing bigger and bigger. The Web 2.0 era is really expanding here.

It’s started with the large number of blogs created and written by Indonesian few years back. Thanks to blogger like Boy Avianto, Priyadi, Enda Nasution, and some others, people started to create blog to share their stories and knowledges.

Then, following the increasing number of Indonesian bloggers, Indonesian web 2.0 services started to show up. Some are Lintas Berita — a digg-like news site, Sharing Foto — a photo sharing website (too bad it’s closed), kronologger — a microblogging service. A believe there are plenty others I haven’t heard.

And now, we Indonesian have our own free blogging services. Blog Detik and and daddigdug two biggest free blogging services available. Blog Detik has the largest (citation needed) Indonesian news site behind it, detik.com, while daddigdug has some great Indonesian blogger working on it.

I believe there is still more to come. Internet offers limitless posibilities. Everyday, I always exited to find out what’s new from Indonesia. I eagerly read every blog I know, and hoping for something new. And talking about new innovation, I have names that I believe will bring new innovations to web 2.0 in Indonesia, some are Akhmad Fathonih and Kukuh TW.

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