Wine 1.0

Wine will reach version 1.0 on June 2008, Wine’s 15th birthday. It’s been targeted to run 4 (yes, four) application smoothly.
– Photoshop CS2
– Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer 97 and 2003
– Microsoft Word Viewer 97 and 2003
– Microsoft Excel Viewer 97 and 2003

Why only 4?

Users are encouraged to test their favorite apps with the release candidate builds and report any problems they find, regardless of whether their apps are on the list of release criteria. If the fix is easy, we’ll try to do it.

The app db lists 1227 platinum applications, so it may seem disappointing that WineReleaseCriteria only lists four applications as “must run well”. The problem with expanding that list is that each new app adds a huge amount of testing to each release.

If you can provide an automated test case for your favorite platinum app, so that we can just run it without any manual work, we can add it to the list. Just post a link to your automated test script to wine-devel. One possibility is to adapt existing automated installer scripts such as the ones at or

Wine Release Plan

Kudos to all Wine developers. Now, if you let me, I’m going to play Football Manager 2008. Oh, on wine, of course.

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