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2008, According to 1968

In November 1968, James R. Berry described how 2008 would be. An article called 40 Years in the Future told us that we should’ve had great improvements. 150 mph car, full wall tv screen, space vacation are some of things we should’ve had.

Well, it’s still March now. We have 9 months before end of the year. We’ll see.


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Marriage Proposal via Twitter

So, this web 2.0 thing is really into our live, isn’t it? While some think proposing someone via twitter is really sweet, I don’t. I always want to see the reaction drawn in the girl I proposed’s face. Face will tell you untold words. Try, and you’ll see.

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Wine 1.0

Wine will reach version 1.0 on June 2008, Wine’s 15th birthday. It’s been targeted to run 4 (yes, four) application smoothly.
– Photoshop CS2
– Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer 97 and 2003
– Microsoft Word Viewer 97 and 2003
– Microsoft Excel Viewer 97 and 2003

Why only 4?

Users are encouraged to test their favorite apps with the release candidate builds and report any problems they find, regardless of whether their apps are on the list of release criteria. If the fix is easy, we’ll try to do it.

The app db lists 1227 platinum applications, so it may seem disappointing that WineReleaseCriteria only lists four applications as “must run well”. The problem with expanding that list is that each new app adds a huge amount of testing to each release.

If you can provide an automated test case for your favorite platinum app, so that we can just run it without any manual work, we can add it to the list. Just post a link to your automated test script to wine-devel. One possibility is to adapt existing automated installer scripts such as the ones at or

Wine Release Plan

Kudos to all Wine developers. Now, if you let me, I’m going to play Football Manager 2008. Oh, on wine, of course.

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Wordpress 2.5 Features

WordPress 2.5 has great upgrades. I love the new dashboard look. Great user interface.

I’m actually a textpattern user, but I’m using wordpress in this blog. Can’t wait to upgrade to 2.5.

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Understanding Filesystem

Great article from arstechnica, From BFS to ZFS: past, present, and future of file systems. It’s non-geek friendly. Check it out.

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Firefox Uses Less Memory

Definitely worth to use. Firefox 3 goes on a diet, eats less memory than IE and Opera. Although I still love my epiphany, I might put firefox 3 into big consideration as my primary browser.

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Buzy Life

I’ve been so buzy with my life in last few days. I leave my place early in the moring, and come home late in the night. Every day. I just too tired to read something. I just check my email, finish my daily to do list (the important and urgent ones. opening google reader is on important but not urgent list), and go to bed to have enough rest. Sigh.

I hope I’ll have more free time in the next few days.

One Week from Hardy Heron Beta

Hardy Heron is on beta freeze now. I think I’ll upgrade my notebook as soon as it reaches beta. I want to be in the front liners 😀

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Thank You Wordpress

Reading Matt’s comment about SixApart (and Movable Type) made me realize something: wordpress is simply the best opensource web application out there.

Things I like from wordpress are hundreds of plugins and themes, great community supports, and definitely the easy installation. I was like “that’s all?!” when I installed my first wordpess. Even my personal blog uses textpattern as its blogging platform, I still love wordpress and definitely recommend it to everyone who asks me about blogging platform. Kudos to you guys.

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Blogging Could Burn 600 Calories a Day!

Who said that being in front of your computer could make you fat? You could burn 600 calories while reading some news in google reader or do your daily blog post.

Heck, I have to try that.

(via Lifehacker)

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