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Google Maps Client for UIQ3

Finally! Google releases native Google Maps client for UIQ 3.

Finally, a real thing for my SE M600i. It was only my organizer and remider.

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Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu brainstorm.

Maybe you have some ideas that you think could improve ubuntu in the future? tell them!

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Cate West – The Vanishing Files

Cate West is Hidden Object genre game developed by Menara Games.


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Firefox 3 Will Be Faster than Any Others

Firefox 3 Performance Gets a Boost.

Wow, nice one. I might consider to use Firefox again, leaving my beloved Epiphany.

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Yao Ming is Out for The Season

Yao done for season with stress fracture in left foot.

I never really like big man position in NBA. They are usually slow and have very bad shooting ability. Yao Ming is one of few big men I like. He’s big, but he could move pretty fast, and have decent shooting ability.

It’s too bad I couldn’t see him for the rest of the season. Get well soon Yao Ming!

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Make Your Linux Runs Faster

Drastically Speed up your Linux System with Preload.

Preload is an “adaptive readahead daemon” that runs in the background of your system, and observes what programs you use most often, caching them in order to speed up application load time. By using Preload, you can put unused RAM to good work, and improve the overall performance of your desktop system.

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Garfield minus Garfield?

Gardfield minus Garfield.

What if Garfield is removed from his comic strips?
Is it better comic about schizophrenia, bipolor disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?
It is.

But I like Garfield himself. Very much.

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Sony Ericsson G900 Video Tour

Brief video tour of the upcoming Sony Ericsson G900.

So, now every single phone will be iphone-ish?
Anyway, the only phone I heart now is X1 from Sony Ericsson. I must have that.

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LEGO Universe

LEGO Universe: ‘LEGO Star Wars Multiplied By A Million’.

I always hope the LEGO I build turn into a living thing, and I could literally play with them. It’s LEGO Universe is all about. It combines two things I like, LEGO and MMO. I might consider buying the game.

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The Greenest Car in America

Quick, name the greenest car in America. The Toyota Prius, right? Wrong!
The most environmentally friendly car sold in America is the Honda Civic GX.

And The Greenest Car in America is ..

I always prefer Honda cars to the Toyotas. And I know I’m right.

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